The hickories-shagbark, shellbark, pignut, mockernut, bitternut, and others-are scattered plentifully through the Tennessee hills, as their brilliant orange and golden colors show in the fall. Almost fifty percent harder than the oaks, Hickory is the sturdiest and most durable of our floors. A lively wood of contrasting colors, it has a white to cream sapwood with prominent chocolate to reddish-brown heartwood. However its normally slow-growing grain is relatively quiet, unlike Red Oak or Ash. Hickory accepts a medium stain well for those who want to tone down its sapwood-heartwood contrast. If finished natural in select or common grades Hickory gives more of an informal, country look to a home.

Select & Better

Contains the full range of heart and sapwood. Sapwood must be white or cream, occasional dark purple streaks admitted.
Heartwood may have brown or black streaks: the occasional bird peck or pin wormhole is admitted.