The Luster of Walnut

Dark, burly, and lustrous, Walnut (Juglans nigra) has been the choice for high-end residences and commercial interiors for generations.  Carroll Hardwood Walnut grows almost exclusively in the rich, second-bottom alluvial soils of the Ohio and Missouri Rivers, source of the finest stands of American Walnut timber.  Trucked to our plant in Huntingdon, the lumber is a perennial favorite among our customers, whether in a Clear grade going to a New York City penthouse or in a One Common or Character grade for a hunting lodge in West Texas.  Typically finished natural, it can be stained to obtain a more uniform color.  Walnut will show some use in service over time from high heel or furniture marks, but these are hardly noticeable in the classic beauty and swirl of Walnut grain.  Due to the limitations of the natural resource overall lengths in Walnut are somewhat shorter than in most other hardwoods.

NOFMA Unfinished Walnut Flooring

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NOFMA Prefinished Walnut Flooring

Select Walnut

A traditional choice for an elegant and formal setting, Select Walnut is almost all heartwood, ranging in color from a light to a quite dark chocolate brown.  A small amount of white sapwood will be in the floor, appearing just as a flash at the ends or sides of pieces.  The grain is burly, marked by swirls and occasional figure, but knots per se are excluded and only the occasional bird peck or pin worm hole may be seen.

Select Walnut is available in a Natural finish.

Select Walnut

2 ¼” – $5.99/SF

3” – $6.89/SF

4” – $7.99/SF

5” – $8.99/SF

(Prices are for a 500 SF minimum order.)

Character Walnut

Marked by small, tight knots, Character Walnut also contains unlimited mineral streaks, worm hole, bird peck, and sound bark pockets.  Sapwood may be white or grey to blue in color.  When finished natural, this floor will have more contrast than Select Walnut, with ten to fifteen percent of the floor in a lighter colored sapwood.  But it remains an overall dark, chocolate-brown floor.

Character Walnut is available in a Natural finish.


Character Walnut

2 ¼” – $5.49/SF

3” – $5.99/SF

4” – $6.89/SF

5” – $7.49/SF

(Prices are for a 500 SF minimum order.)